Life Events

Life Events

Going to College

Understand the costs, opportunities and education options before heading off to college.

Buying a Car

Shopping for a new car? Before you hit the road, consider these important tips.

Renting an Apartment

If you're looking to move, simplify your apartment search by consulting our tips and resources.

Buying a Home

Buying a house? Understand the potential impact on your finances, consider all your options, and plan how you'll pay for it.

Landing a Job

Landing a job is a major milestone that requires a lot of thought and effort.

Health Care

Taking care of your health is an essential expense you can't forgo, so make sure you're covered.

Family Life

Family milestones can present different challenges and rewards. Be prepared for everything by planning ahead.

Elder Care

Deciding how to care for an elderly family member and their finances can be a difficult process.


It's never too early to plan ahead and start saving for retirement.

Handling the Unexpected

Unexpected expenses can be stressful and may impact your budget in small or large ways.